Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's that sound?

After it rained yesterday we could hear this strange sound, almost like a cat drowning, out along the main road. We wandered out to follow the sound and this is what we found. The kids decided they should be called bubble gum frogs because they look like they're blowing bubbles. We got a good hour worth of entertainment out of watch the frogs make their noises.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's raining, FINALLY!!!

We have been in a pretty serious drought all year long. I guess today was the day that mother nature chose to send us some relief. About 9:00 this morning the heavens opened up and it started just pouring. The closest weather station to us says that we have gotten about 5 inches of rain in a little over 4 hours. Anyone who has been down here knows that Texas is not designed for water drainage so the whole town is flooded. Luckily, our house is on a "hill" in the middle of our property so there's no water in the house.

There is a river flowing around our yard. This is looking to the west from our house.
Denim standing in part of the new pond on the back of the property.

Much more water and the boat may just float away.....

The kids have had a blast playing in the pond/river through our property. I don't know where all the water is going but it's running away...

A view of the backside of the house taken from the south side of our property. See the "hill" it's on? It's effective at keeping the water away, there are rivers all around the house and lawn, thank goodness or we would have a swimming pool in our living room. If you look close, you can see Phoebe standing in water that is deeper than her belly. All of that water is moving, not just standing still. There's LOTS of water.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Baseball insanity is in full swing and the kids are doing really well. 46 games in a little over 6 weeks is mind boggling to say the least.

DJ has been getting to catch a couple of games and is doing really well there. There is a lot of thinking involved and it feels like everyone is yelling at just one kid but he's handling it well. Just a lot to learn, and only one way to do it, practice and play.

Breanna getting a hit.

DJ getting a hit.

Dylan getting a hit.

Denim working on the tee. He seems to do much better when he's pitched to. He's getting much better as the games go along. They seem so little to play 3 games a week but they're making it. Hope I make it through too. Luckily for me, they took one of the weeks that Dan's gone to work this time off for TAKS testing in the public schools. Our kids were definitely ready to recharge their batteries for a minute.

Coloring Eggs

Just thrilled beyond words to start with the egg coloring.

This is most of the finished product. There are a couple eggs soaking over night to see what the results of those would be. I asked how the Easter Bunny was supposed to hide eggs that are still in the colors and was told that I could take them out and hide them if I want.....hummm....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boys camping trip

Dan took the boys to Lake Ivie over spring break for an overnight camping/fishing adventure. Breanna was out of town with the neighbors in Oklahoma so she didn't go. That meant I was HOME ALONE for a whole 24 hours! Dan and the boys turned the boat into a tent, as Denim put it, and slept in it. The boys did the real cooking and they all had a great time.

Officially Boy Scouts!

All of the boys made their troop choices and we made the walk across the bridge to Boy Scouts last week. I thought I would be really emotional but I was just so proud of the boys and the life choices that they make (not to mention, excited to be free of cub scouts for a minute.)

After our Arrow of Light ceremony, I took each of my boys' uniform and stripped them down for the next level, everything that they have earned through their scouting career went onto the wall permanently. These took some time and effort but I think that they turned out awesome and nothing will get lost. The whole family walked across the bridge. Dan was home for this one so he got to be part of this! This is all of us waiting to start the process.We took all the cub scout stuff off of them and sent them across the bridge to be received by their new troop. In with the new stuff that says "I'm a Boy Scout!" It meant a lot to the boys to have the scouts from their new troop come to receive them and actually put all the new stuff on their uniform for them.
He's thrilled, can't you tell?

I was whole heartedly planning on just taking the next little over a year to recharge my batteries for the next round of cub scouts with Denim but I am so happy with our new troop, and they make me feel so welcomed and wanted that I am probably going to end up being more active than I had thought. It could be worse I guess. Guess I better start studying up on Merit Badge requirements and such. :o)

baseball insanity

Spring has sprung down here in Texas and at our house that means one thing BASEBALL!! All 4 of the kids are playing, 3 separate teams, 3 separate age groups, yikes! We are living ball but they are all liking it so I guess it's worth it. The fact that they all show some natural talent helps.

Breanna teaches the boys a thing or two. She is a tough little player. She is playing 2nd base and just seems to suck all of it up. The coach tells her all the time how awesome she is and how proud of her he is. I like to watch her not just hang with the boys but show a lot of them up. Denim is trying his hand at t-ball. Look out t-ball world. ;o)
At one of the boys' practices, Denim had a rubber band around his forehead. He walked up to his dad and what do you think happened? Dad snapped the rubber band for him. Bet he won't put a rubber band on his head for awhile, at least when his dad is around.
Dylan working on his batting. Both of the boys are doing really well again this year. April 9th is the opening day of the season. Then we get to juggle practices and games! I am so excited. When this is all over, I am taking a vacation. I think I already know I am going to need one.
What the front yard looks like on a regular basis. Breanna is constantly begging for someone to play catch with her so she can practice. The twins are such good sports and play with her quite often, they have even been taking their gloves and helping out at the littler kids' practices. They play farther outfield so if the ball gets away, they save the littler kids. I am sure proud of how they handle themselves most of the time.